I was inspired last night; by my good friend and one of my little nephews, who is a rescue dog. He had it very rough, like a lot of pups that are kept just for breeding. But that is only one horror that some animals have to go through.

Luckily his new forever home has been a place of happiness, he has siblings that he gets along with. He has his own style, always has to wear a stylin’ shirt, and offers nothing but love and cuteness.

So in his honour we designed the PUP PAW version of the “PROPERTY OF TURNIPSTYLE ATHLETIC DEPT.” and we will donate $2 from the sale of each item in the collection to the San Francisco SPCA. Being that is where Pierre lives.

So not only can you look stylin’ in this gear, like little Pierre does in his gear, but you can sweat in it with pride knowing you helped out a fellow creature.